YVZ Textile

YVZ Tekstil, which was founded in 2004 by Dipl.Textil Ing.Ismet YAVUZ benefits, the founder of twenty-six years of experience in the exporting of textiles. The wishes and needs of its customers are satisfied with the latest technology and highest quality.

 YVZ Tekstil, which has in its constitution cutting-sewing-frame and fixed sending department and quality control production for global brands such as Marina Rinaldi, Max Mara, Lamborghini, BMW, and exported for its some European customers such as Germany, Italy, France, Austria , Norway.

The products are: T-shirt, sweatshirt, polo shirts, blouses, pajamas, socks, blankets, ties, bathrobes, bath towels and many other products.

The International Standards and upper level takes the YVZ Tekstil ago as a principle and is proud of its trust relationship with their partners.